Posted on: January 16, 2011 9:51 pm

Reactions To Patriots Loss, Jets Advancing?

I personally am a die hard Patriots fan and I personally am choked that they lost. It wasnt the fact that the Jets outplayed them. Their defence just got beat at the wrong times. Im not sure if its the inexperience, or just the fact that rex outcoached bellichuck. I really despise rex ryan and feel he's a man with a big head as it is, and in his head he believes hes god's greatest gift, when really hes not. I thought the patriots o-line left brady on his own, and as you know, brady is not a scrambler like vick, and cant get himself out of those situations. The patriots should have went for the 52 yard field goal and made things alot eaiser. Shayne Graham is a great kicker, kicking 100% as it is. He makes that field goal its a 7 point game.. and the jets probably wouldnt have scored, because the onside kick would not have been needed. If the patriots had got the field goal and that branch touchdown to tie it, with the momentum change and the patriots experience, they could have easily gotten the job done. But, thats all in the past now, and cant change it. Just a frustrated fan, aand cant wait for next season!
I'm rattled that they had to lose to that prick, but i mean we'll see how good he is this week against pittsburgh. My guess... Jets lose.
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